Now taking applications for Find Your Flow March 2019: Hosted at Vista Ballena Hotel in Uvita, Costa Rica

Now taking applications for Find Your Flow March 2019: Hosted at Vista Ballena Hotel in Uvita, Costa Rica


Sara Hoffman is a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga instructor, Dance and Fitness instructor, Writer and Retreat leader. She has ten years of experience coaching clients to access a higher level of fitness, health, consciousness and purpose in their lives and is incredibly passionate about empowering others. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, holds over 12 different fitness certifications including 200-RYT, and specializes in the plant-based diet for health, weight loss, fitness professionals.

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"Sara ... Just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I'm loving your Mastermind program! I know this is your 1st run and I'm so proud to say I was here for that first go at it! Absolutely love your workout videos!!! It's just the right variety / mix I've been looking for! And I think you still have a few more to add to the already awesome mix you already shared! This program and your dream ROCK! 😘 love ya, Lainey"

"This yoga retreat went above and beyond my expectations. Sara is a gracious host and made sure that I was comfortable with all aspects of the trip. She was great in communicating with me before the trip on things that I might want to bring to make my stay more enjoyable. The actual retreat was amazing. There was daily yoga and excursions planned as well as plenty of downtime. I recommend Sara’s yoga retreat to anyone who enjoys getting close to nature." 

                                    -- Dawn Schaefer

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Here is what my clients have to say about working with me: 

“I can honestly say that I’m a more enriched person for knowing Sara. She goes above and beyond the majority of people I’ve met in this industry. Her passion for nutrition and fitness are unparalleled, and she inspires the same in others wherever she goes. She is extremely positive and nonjudgmental, and always tries to work with every individual’s personal health goals and concerns to help them reach their maximum potential. Because of her, I have been more excited to live a healthy lifestyle than ever before, and my knowledge of nutrition has increased vastly. I consistently make better food choices, and I’ve learned how to do so in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m deprived and keeps me on track. I feel and look better than ever, and she is a constant source of support whenever I need it. If you’re looking for somebody to change your life for the better, I can’t recommend Sara enough!” – Andrea, 32

"I have two primary goals as your student. The first is to round out my physique from a vanity perspective(!). But the second more important goal is to strengthen and protect my shoulders, knees and lower spine, which have known issues and medical histories. And on this second one, I am just absolutely thrilled with the progress.

T H A N K   Y O U   S O    M U C H ! ! ! Your classes are doing things for me that complement, supplement and in beneficial ways reverse all of the running and yoga that have been primary to my fitness regime for decades. It’s like physical therapy with fun and challenge added. I’m so grateful." - Dean, 35

"I have been transformed and feel like a new person. I have gone down two pant sizes (size 10-6), which is the size I wanted to reach ever since I started my weight loss journey in 2010. I FINALLY did it! I feel so much better mentally and physically, and am more positive and happy when I wake up every day. I think one of the most important things you taught me that I tell other people and will never forget is, “don’t think of everything you are removing from your diet, but think of everything you can be adding.” This is SO true and makes it a much more positive experience.

If I had only focused on the negatives rather than focus on all of the positives, the experience would have not have been what it was. I always HATED cooking and found no joy in it. Now, I love cooking! I think it’s a lot of fun to experiment with different foods and flavors and you have inspired me to be constantly trying out new things I never thought I would try, let alone like! I look at food in a completely different and positive way. When I first started the program, everything about food seemed so complex and I felt like I really couldn’t figure out what was right and what was wrong to eat. Now I know that there isn’t necessarily a “right” or “wrong” way—it’s most important you do what is right for your own body and listen to your body’s needs.

I find now that I crave fruit and vegetables ALL the time. When I look at foods like pizza, or desserts, I don’t see them as a food I would feel guilty from eating. It’s okay to indulge every now and then. However, I don’t necessarily feel the need or want to indulge in these foods because they provide me with absolutely no nutritional value. You are very enthusiastic and it’s obvious you are extremely passionate about what you are doing. That is so helpful when you are trying to make a major lifestyle change—to have someone encouraging you along the way!"
-Genna, 28

"I started working with Sara about 9 months ago. She takes a holistic approach to diet and weight loss that can be applied to any BODY. She has helped me make better food choices which have allowed me to stop counting calories and start enjoying life. I have tried all types of diets and nothing really worked for me. Sara’s approach is a lifestyle change and I love the progress I am making. Aside from Sara’s excellent coaching skills, her energy and enthusiasm make exercise exciting and fun. Each class varies in intensity and is suitable for all levels of exercise." - Dawn, 49

"Thank you for changing my life. I am a completely different person because of you." - Kelly, 38

"Sara is the most radiant, positive and energetic yoga instructor I've ever met!
Her enthusiasm works contagiously! She is a born leader and knows who to hold space and make people feel good about themselves and their practice. As a health coach Sara knows exactly what I needed and what works best for me. I've learned a lot from her advice and I would highly recommend Sara as a yoga teacher and as a holistic health coach!"
- Maria, 29

"Sara teaches with more tenacity, energy, fluid movements and often more enjoyable dance steps than other Zumba classes I have attended. Sara does her own choreography and the moves make sense to me. The classes have been a God-send and have given me a cardio workout I enjoy. I feel better, my clothes fit better and it is easier to stick to my diet. I always look forward to going and feel so much better afterwards. The beat is fast and the bass is down low. Sara really makes this class what it is. She is a top fitness professional!" - Nehdeen, 4

"Coming to class is like Heaven on Earth! There are times when everyone is in sync - even me - and I think about how when you die, you go to a better place...well what could be better than this?" - Carl, 67

"Sara's awesome!!! Most importantly - she's a great listener! I never felt judged by her (for some reason, others in the nutritionist business still act as if I must live a sedentary life on a diet of snickers bars) and her education has really given her a BROAD array of tools for her toolbox! She knows that people are individuals, and there is no one size fits all method to being the best you! Congrats to Sara! I think you will influence many healthy lives in your career!" - Angelina, 42

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