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Mastermind is a highly interactive and transformative group coaching experience for incredible and passionate people who are ready to hone their passions, overcome limiting beliefs and discover their superpowers by coming together in a powerful group intention. You will also be guided through my comprehensive Fit + Happy + Healthy formula in incremental pieces.

Here is what people are saying;

"I'm proud to say I joined Sara's 1st Mastermind group and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! 😍 I always look forward to what she will post next! I'm never disappointed! She offers an awesome variety of workouts that you can do at home on your own time. You will work some muscles you didn't know existed or maybe just haven't used in a long time. πŸ˜‰ you will also learn more about yourself and make better food choices. I recommend it to anyone that might need a swift kick in the ass to get back on track and be a healthier and happier person! You rock Sara! πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ✌️thank you for all that you do!"

"I've changed so many of my habits and what is acceptable to me. Thank you for all your love and guidance. It has been a blessing that I don't believe anyone in the world could have filed aside from you. You are amazing. XOXO!!! Can't wait for more enlightenment. I'd like to keep going every month."

"Your support was so helpful! It was easier to make better diet choices with each other's stories to support and commiserate. These 30 days went sooo fast. January never goes fast and this January flew by! Love the workouts! I do feel more energy and I'm enjoying working with all the new foods. I'm feeling more satisfied with small amounts. So weird and very cool. This month has been soooo educational. Thank you for everything!!"

MASTERMIND 2017 Basics

This is a cumulative course integrating health, wellness, detox and fitness with philosophy, logic and spirituality. It will include food and fitness solutions that propel you to the next level including a comprehensive workout strategy that's never been seen before and is incredibly easy and fun to incorporate into your day. We will work together to set up new rituals and creative ways to make food and fitness an INCREDIBLY easy and quick part of your life - PROMISE. Learn through doing and applying instead of just reading the information in one dimension.  

In this interactive page I will guide this amazing group through so much content in 42 days -- but most importantly the content will be applied. Not just like when you read a book, but don't apply everything to your life. This is about building it in, creating new pathways for your brain to take and new habits for deciding which fork you'll take at the end of the road. Here is what we will be working on: 


  • The course will guide you through a 7-step program establishing a healthy relationship with food, incorporating realistic food principles that fit with the flow of your life but will have you feeling energized and balanced.
  • Build up your kitchen strategy with innovative handouts containing strategies to navigate meal-prep and healthy cooking in a fabulously simple way. 
  • You will also be guided through a very gentle detox and learn how to re-create this process for yourself whenever you need it. 
  • Improve your relationship to food with a focus on adding, not taking away.
  • Yes you will have a meal plan and each day's options and motivations will be re-posted as we go :)
  • We will incorporate fresh perspectives along with classic and conventional, tried and true theory that brings us back to our inherent nature & intuitive eating.
  • We slowly build your toolbox and I'll be teaching you everything I know about food psychology and nutrition.
  • You will learn about disease prevention, ayurveda, food for vitality and optimization of your brain functions & happiness.
  • Setting new rituals and creative ways to make incorporating healthy food and fitness in a fun, easy and simple way. 

  • Explore different modalities of fitness to discover your body's full potential
  • A fresh perspective on movement and why it is important for more than just vanity
  • A step by step program with something new to add to your regimen each day ending in a cumulative workout incorporating all the elements you could possibly need in a one-hour session.
  • You also learn to break up your workouts if needed so that you will stay on track.
  • Takes the guesswork and trial-and-error out of building a safe and effective routine, bringing in the perfect balance of strength, cardio and flexibility. 
  • Literally the easiest & fastest thing you've ever had to incorporate into your life PROMISE. Incremental change that creeps up on you. 
  • We will have so much fun doing it and learning all different types of workouts (7 categories), how to re-frame your mindset around fitness and mobility, get out of your routine and shake things up no matter where you are at in your fitness journey!
  • I can't give the rest all away but this is a truly amazing and innovative strategy I haven't shared with anyone but private clients.

    Here is an example of a workout you will receive each morning.


  • At this key time in the world, it can not be more important to figure out what you are here to do. I already know the general answer, but I will guide us on an action-based journey to living our purpose daily.
  • Each morning will start with a key, life-changing theme, mantra for the day, and exercise you must complete publicly (just within the group) 
  • Incorporating yogic principles, working on releasing that which no longer serves us and stepping into the present moment with plenty of space for what we truly desire/need/deserve.
  • Connect to the flow of life and stop banging your head working for what you think you want - begin to balance manifesting and flow, mind and soul, head and heart, action and inaction, transmuting bad to good or seeing.
  • A deeper look at what causes our habits and addictions
  • Much more information about yourself that you can apply moving forward to understand the way you see the world compared to others
  • A discussion about what we want to see different in the world and the opportunity to collaborate to be a part of making change happen - the easiest way to fulfillment, satisfaction and wholeness.
  • Meditations and oneness principle, developing your own yoga practice
  • A few other topics are in the schedule and I'm sure a lot more will come up organically :) 

My Story

The biggest lesson I've learned in 2016 is you can't teach something you haven't experienced and embodied fully.
And to be a leader is to bring something new into the world, not to repeat what has already been done.

I've done numerous of these online programs and NEVER been satisfied with the level of interaction with the teacher, freshness or usefulness of the content, ability to apply it to real life. When you read a book or mind-blowing article, where does all that info go and when does it get applied into reality? Summing up books into directives is great, but the magic is in the process - delivering things piece by piece so the new knowledge and studies you do can have a breathing room to interact with life and you can embody it in who you are instead of just having book knowledge. 

I believe I am supposed to start a movement and this program is the next step in my path integrating the wisdom I have attained. It's very important that more people start to wake up. Fitness and eating healthy were key instruments to fine tuning my mind and body to be able to receive and seek higher spiritual knowledge and understanding of new ways to live. I have so much to share with you and I can't wait to learn from and be inspired by you as well.

Who's it for? 

Basically....badasses who know they're capable of more badassery. 

What we'll be doing

I can't give it all away, but here is a bit of what to expect: 

  • Every morning for the 6-week jump-start you receive a theme, mantra for the day, part of your exercise regimen to work on, your handouts to do with the theme (could be food, fitness or other) as well as a task to complete. I will hold each person accountable to completing this task and there will be a reward for those who participate daily -- but consider it a requirement to at least login to the Facebook group for 5 minutes. The more time you spend the better.
  • Schedule with me: You also get 15-min call with me before or during and after the program. 
  • I will be in the group as much as possible and will always get back to you within 1-3 hours. 
  • I am fully committed to making this a life-changing process for everyone involved. 
  • For more info and a complete break down of what you will receive, what we will be doing each day please contact me. 

This is a life changing program and I highly doubt it will ever be offered again at this price. I need to keep the group at 30 or less to make sure everyone gets optimal benefit from it.

This is Completely Different than Anything you've Done Before. 

  • A new form of education that is needed in the world right now to bring on the awakening
  • An established system you can follow, but with wiggle room
  • You have to apply each thing you learn, there is always a directive unlike reading a book which never gets applied.
  • And its HIGHLY interactive/collaborative not like a regular online program
  • Our attention spans are getting shorter with info overload so I've made this incredibly simple -- you don't have to sit and read for hours (and then not have any direction to take with what you've just learned)
  • There's always a way to delve deeper into each topic - I leave you my sources so you can take it even further wherever you want to. 
  • Self-study DOES NOT WORK as well -- actionable steps and accountability are required so groups help us to apply and thrive with what we've learned!

    All of the group content is posted in a private Facebook group in a once or twice daily post with directions, mantra, focus, activities, workout, and food directions or info to incorporate. 

Investment: $500

This initiation fee gives you access to master mind for life, starting with 6-week jump-start covering everything above in a daily download accessible via email. in the mastermind we "meet" weekly setting a theme, goals and a habit to incorporate for the week - your weekly workout plan and your weekly meal plan. you can tune in anytime and download the content. 

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