Thai food meal prep!

Soak rice noodles in water (10 min)

Add coconut oil to pan then add

2 bags menage three peppers (or lots of fresh veggies of any kind)

1 box shelled edamame (available at trader joes) 

1 can Coconut milk (thick kind)

1 jar green curry (trader Joes) 


Cook 1 package chopped up tempeh in Coconut oil and pad thai sauce (about 1/3 the bottle) cook for about 3 min then

Add Teriyaki baked Tofu (trader joes) also chopped up

Then add noodles and the rest of the sauce. Optional add crushed nuts (I used pecan salad toppers because that was all I had and it turned out just as good).

Now you have enough healthy pad thai and curry veggies for about 10-12 servings!