Seven Days 7 Chakras Yoga Challenge

Summary post from #SevenDays7Chakras yoga challenge I did on Instagram last week!
Begin to learn more about the basics of each chakra here <3

Day 1: Root Chakra 💖
Pose: Malasana (Yoga Squat)
Theme: Grounding, Earth, Strong Foundation (healthy diet, happy home etc)
Color: Red

Root Chakra represents alignment with a strong foundation, so you are freed up from worry and fear, to feel comfortable being the best version of yourself. Root to rise! As the lowest chakra this can be the base you build upward from, or this can represent a need to ground your ideas into reality.

To me balance in this chakra is being so grounded you feel at home wherever you are. Ironically for me the challenge lies in being able to stay still for long enough to flourish and grow 💖

Day 2: Sacral Chakra
Pose: Dragonfly (Hip Opening) - added a light twist. Can be done with arms straight or hands on a block also.
Theme: Flow, Movement, Creativity
Color: Orange

Moving up from the root chakra, sacral chakra represents movement + creativity = flow. To best describe the movement from root to sacral chakra, imagine you're dropped onto a random planet. Once you've gained an understanding of the elements and have a basic sense that you will survive, you begin to feel safe enough to play and explore. This is where your creative power/potential comes into play. The best creative work doesn't come from forcing or pushing but from playing, exploring, discovering, finding solutions. Flow is a very natural state where everything comes easier. So smile, and breathe, and move, and flow. 😉 "Life is so subtle sometimes that you barely notice yourself walking through the doors you once prayed would open." - Mounaks

Day 3: Solar Plexus Chakra ✨🌟✨
Pose: Navasana (Boat Pose to engage and fire up the body from the core)
Theme: Willpower, Strength, Fire 🔥
Color: Yellow ✨
Solar Plexus represents personal power and self-definition. Once you know what you want to create in your world, you need the force and drive necessary to bring it into fruition. Strength of will, setting boundaries, consistency, drive & discipline come into play to attain self-mastery.

Power is only developed when you take risks beyond your comfort level. 💛

Day 4: Heart Chakra 💚
Pose: Dancer Pose
Theme: Balance, unconditional love, openness
Color: Green

Heart Chakra represents our openness to the world, our ability to love all without attachment, judgement or condition, and also connects the upper to lower chakras - our spiritual self to our grounded self. The heavens to the earth connected through our physical form. It can be easy to be too caught up in the material world, so grounded that we lose our divinity, just as it can be easy to become so spiritual we begin to lose touch with reality.

Wheeewwwww have I swung from one side to the other! With everything we must experience both extremes in order to start to come to a common ground. To stop the pendulum from swinging so far left or so far right, incorporating both sides, finding that fine narrow line, walking the middle path. Where the water meets land, we find paradise.

Day 5: Throat Chakra ✴
Pose: Camel Pose
Theme: Authentic Self-expression, using your voice, channeling
Color: Turquoise

Throat chakra represents your creative identity, speaking up for what you believe in, surrender to the truth, resonance through your authentic communication. Clearly communicating and voicing your greatest ideas to the world to transform circumstances. Only when you share your truth with the world can it be reflected back to you. Transmute the chaos of how you feel, by fearlessly being the truth of who you are. ✴


Day 6: Third Eye 🔮
Pose: Virabhadrasana III (Warrior 3)
Theme: Intuition
Color: Dark Blue

Our third eye is representative of an actual gland inside of our brains called the pineal gland. The modern diet and lifestyle tends to calcify this gland making it harder to access our intuition. To describe this it is good to understand that birds, who intuitively know their migratory patterns, have the largest pineal gland to brain/body size allowing them to run independently of free will and entirely on intuition and flee emergency situations.

Humans can attain further access our third eye via meditation, clean eating and most importantly the practice of trusting those intuitive flashes...or learning from it when you don't! We can use our third eye to surrender to divine guidance & download divine blueprints for what we wish to manifest into reality, but with our free will this process is more of a dance. We can also use mindfulness to override our fear-based over-thinking and the survival instinct to always be scanning for problems to fix. This way we can retain enoug untainted innocence to be aware of the multitude of positive possibilities available to us in any moment.🙏

Day 7: Crown 😇
Pose: Srisasana (Headstand)
Theme: Completion, Integration, Divinity
Color: Purple

Crown chakra represents completion, integration, connection to divinity. The number 7 is in general a completion number - in which you work 6 days and that 7th day is for rest, integration, reset. Headstand is like a complete reset - shaking up and re-settling the energy of your entire body in a new way. And does this pose ever resonate right now!

Go upside down --> wipe the slate clean. Trust yourself. Trust the flow of life! Life can be so overwhelming sometimes and last night/today I just had to be like "Oh sweet jesus please just let me be in the flow and focus on one important thing at a time!" And as I trust my inner guidance from a place of peace it all becomes so manageable :) PS. 2017 is also a completion/integration year where apparently we will see a lot of the cumulative effects of the last 6 years 👑

If you would like to expand your exploration of these concepts, you may want to check out my Yoga Practices For Life program which guides you through 6 weeks of yoga and philosophy one chakra at a time.