Lentil Taco Recipe to Try Out Fiber & Protein Rich Foods

Bomb Lentil Tacos

A Highly Customizable
Plant-Based Meal

Q & A with your Health Coach
Question of the week: What plant-based sources of protein are easiest to add to my diet? 

I'll let you experiment with this highly customizable recipe which will help you try many filling protein and fiber rich foods. As promised, here is my scrumptious lentil taco "recipe" for a successful plant-based diet. 

Wraps - Flat Out Wraps from Smith's (ask for them they are on an island) 
or wraps of your choice from Trader Joe's
Pre-cooked lentils from Trader Joe's (on the salad wall) 
Taco Seasoning (available in packets at Trader Joe's) 
1/4-1/2 Avocado
Tropical Salsa from Trader Joe's (for sweetness) if you like spicy try the Cowboy Caviar, pictured. 
Any additional vegetables/toppings - peppers, lettuce etc
You can also substitute cooked black beans, or even portobello mushrooms or jackfruit for the lentils just season accordingly!

Warm the lentils in a pan with coconut oil, add the taco seasoning to taste. Add all toppings to the wrap, roll it up and enjoy!