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Digital Nomad Content Creation Retreat
Uvita, Costa Rica Jan 27th-Feb 2nd, 2019

  • Connect with the balancing and harmonizing frequencies of nature
  • Nourish your body with healing and high vibrational diet & physical movement 
  • Invite flow-based intent and clarity to your foundational, powerful creative work
  • Overcome blockages by peeling further layers of conditioning back to reveal your true nature
  • Infuse your creative project or business with raw, powerful energy
  • Create content in the NOW, embracing & expanding upon your creative entrepreneurial spirit 
  • Infuse your superpowers into a conscious business.
  • Enter & maintain your flow state
  • Work with the manifestation plane, putting the chakras to use as an organizational tool for your work-week
  • Establish enough structure to enable those flow states keep coming: the small, daily, consistent steps that re-commit your mission & make bringing forth your creative legacy a reality.
  • Overcome blockages that lead to procrastination and waiting for the right conditions – the right moment is NOW!
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YOU are needed in this world now if you are being called to be a game-changer, to bring humanity back into balance with nature, to merge technology with sustainability, to create a future we can be proud of, to be a way-shower for the new economy. If you seek to achieve & maintain a higher vision for your life & business or up your digital nomad game, this incubation for new paradigm co-creation can serve to pull you higher into your mission. 


  • 7-Night Stay July 1st-July 8th at Selva Armonia Private Retreat Center
  • 7 Vegan Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners at Selva Armonia
  • 7 Yoga Classes at Selva Armonia
  • Classes on painting, writing, and raw-food preparation
  • Private shuttle to and from airport
  • Costa Rican Sales Tax

  • Daily workshops and content for condensed one-week mastermind retreat
  • Access to mastermind group One Month Mastermind launch for June
  • One-year subscription to Launch Your Legacy Creative Mastermind Starting in June 2018
  • Empowered Nutrition One-Year Game Changer Starting in June 2018
  • One-year subscription to Fitness Playlists starting in June 2018
  • Exclusive hand-made & personalized Workbook for retreat guests only
  • At least on hour-long one-on-one creative planning, nutrition or fitness session