Root Chakra Evaluation

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Root Chakra Overview

The root chakra is your first chakra. Its name is Muladhara, in ancient Sanskrit, and it represents your base, foundation, and root support. Its energy is centered on the earth element and includes feelings of safety, focus, connection, and stability.

Your root chakra represents action. It drives you forward, it wakes you up, and guides you towards change, growth, and evolution.
Through your root chakra, you discover true passion, controlled anger, and incredible drive and momentum. You develop the courage to take risks, to step out of your comfort zone, and to confront your worst fears.

On a physical level, your root chakra is linked to your adrenal glands. These glands are responsible for your primitive survival instincts. Your root chakra is also linked to bodily aspects, such as your urinary system, spine, large intestine, and blood.

On an emotional level, your root chakra contains the energy of anger. However, how you choose to direct this anger will define the challenges you go through and the advantages that you experience from them.
When you harness the powerful energy of anger, control it, and transmute its force into positive drive, purpose, and ambition, then your root chakra can truly thrive at the emotional level.

Root Chakra Evaluation

When this Chakra is Balanced: 

You can easily relax and remain still, peaceful, and serene.
You enjoy outstanding physical health.
You have healthy blood, tissues, and organs.
You maintain your body at a healthy weight
You buzz with liveliness, energy, and vitality.

You can sustain strong and focused concentration for long periods of time.
You are persistent and never give up on your ambitions.
You maintain clear, positive, and practical thinking at all times.
You easily accomplish goals and consistently set new and more ambitious ones.
You have an uncanny ability to prioritize the most important tasks in your life.

You reach a state of righteous anger, and you direct it towards your happiness and the happiness of those around you.
You have intense passion for everything in your life, but it doesn’t overwhelm or control you.
You have a deep love and gratitude for the things around you, which keeps you in a constant state of excitement.
You have an enormous determination for every task you choose to undertake, which ensures your greatest chance of success.

You become increasingly aware and embrace the miracle of life.
You develop a greater sense of gratitude and admire the wonders that surround you.
You savor every second you have on earth and every breath that you take, because you know that it’s a phenomenon to have the opportunity to experience conscious life.
You find you are determined to grow, transform, and evolve, as each day passes.
You always find the physical strength and willpower to navigate the roadblocks life throws your way.

You are a passionate person with love in your heart for life, work, and people.
our word is strong. When you commit to something, you always follow through to the end.
You have a sense of trust in people and trust the guidance of the Universe.
Your courage is abundant. It pushes you further in life and you become happier because of it.
You have incredible strength and perseverance. It makes you far more daring and adventurous than the average person.

When you balance your root chakra, you naturally gravitate towards a career that you love.
And, because you love what you do, your creative abilities and true potential are free to flourish. Over and above that, you easily make, save, and invest your money.
If you treat yourself to a small gift, you don’t feel guilty afterwards because you know you deserve it and have enough money for it.

Others words meaning balance in this chakra: 
Strength of will.


You feel disconnected from your physical body.
You gain weight quickly and struggle with obesity.
You tend to feel slow and lethargic most of the time.
You struggle with inflammation throughout your body and experience cramping.
You get irritated quickly and suffer from depression.
You battle against various eating disorders.

You suffer from poor focus and struggle to maintain attention.
Your mind is disorganized and cluttered.
You repeatedly delve into pessimistic, narrow, and negative thoughts.

You struggle to control your anger, rage, and outbursts.
You quickly get frustrated with people, situations, and objects that go against your beliefs.
You tend to build resentment towards people, situations, and objects.
You are constantly in a state of anxiety.
You suffer from frequent bouts of depression

You are stubborn and reluctant to change your mind or perspective, even if you know you may be wrong.
You have disconnected from your true self, purpose, and spiritual energy.
You have accepted your life as it is, and refuse to believe that you have a greater purpose and potential.

Your physical body feels tired.
Your morale diminishes.
You may experience negative feelings, such as not wanting to live anymore.
You find yourself floundering in a state of guilt.
You are consumed by hate and fear.
You relish in violence and become a slave to materialism.
What’s more, your inability to ground and connect makes you a financial disaster.
You hate your career and current life path and money is more of a burden than a blessing.
And, since you hate what you do, it’s virtually impossible to thrive in your workplace or to reach the financial freedom and the career path you desire.
It doesn’t stop there, you are probably hemorrhaging money, and fighting to get out (or stay out) of debt. On top of that, spending money is a horrible experience for you.
One that quickly escalates into being utterly traumatizing, because you know that your lack of budgeting savvy will eventually lead you into a vortex of debt and financial misery.

Others words meaning imbalance in this chakra: 

How to balance this chakra:

  • Eat more red fruits and vegetables like beets, more cooked and heavier, dense foods. 
    Full list here: Chakra Balancing Foods 
  • Get outside more, and ideally with bare feet on the earth. 
  • Establish more ritual in your life, even just one thing you do every day. 
  • Make sure to have a very happy and supportive home life situation no matter what! 
  • Practice saying no to things that take you from your most important life purpose or make you feel like you have no ground to stand on.
  • Bring more plants into your home, or go out into nature more. 
  • Yin Yoga (for flexiblity and stillness) or Strength Training (making your body and will more firm, and stable). 

Sit on a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Begin to breathe deeply and imagine roots coming out of your feet into the earth. Release anything that doesn't serve you through those roots, on your exhales. As you inhale, imagine you are being vitally nourished, and call in the feelings of safety and peace that you desire. Once you feel a slight shift, you can begin your affirmation at any time. You can read this aloud for more power or just read it to yourself -- what is most important is you actually believe it. 

I love and trust in my body’s ability to heal and support me.
I am safe, grounded, and protected at the core of my being.
I am supported, rooted, and connected to the Earth.
I am strong, grounded, and abundant.
I am safe, secure, and grounded.
I am connected to my body.
I trust in myself and others.
I am here and I matter.
I belong here.