Do you ever find yourself wondering if there's more to life?
Do you know that you are not maximizing your full potential, or living life to the fullest? 
the good news is that there is a concrete first step in that direction:

Taking charge of your life starts with taking responsibility for your health.
Learning how to eat clean and move more is not just about how you look...
It's totally about empowering yourself & maximizing your potential
for all other areas of your life. 

I have always wondered if there is a guide to life out there somewhere.
or worse, i wondered if everyone else had some guide (that didn't Make any sense)....
and I was the only one who never got it or knew about it.

I couldn't decide what to study in college, between business and journalism.
I was luckily told, for both of these fields you are much better off getting real world experience.
So you know how businesses work, and have a wide range of knowledge to write about. 
After a brief writing career and Road & Travel magazine, I found myself swept away into the
fitness and nutrition business. I studied the shit out of fitness, nutrition, business, dance, and LIFE.
In the back of my head, I set the goal of doing everything, having every experience that makes us human. 

I did so many beautiful and magical things and filled my life with only what called to me.
Not what other people expected.
I didn't realize I was writing my own guide to life. 

Despite health coaching clients telling me i was more of a happiness coach.
I thought, health is way more important than just happiness. Happiness is so undervalued.
We value suffering as an example of a well-lived, hard-working, respectable life.

My research and life experience has taught me that when you are happy, you are healthier. 
you are physiologically more healthy, and it's easier MAKE HEALTHIER CHOICES.
When you make healthier choices it is easier to find the right path in life that aligns your with your purpose. 

I became immersed in spirituality studies. I found the links between all religions and came to my own personal understanding and relationship with God, I found the power of presence, unconditional love and self-love, our connection to source, our many missions in this lifetime and how to flow through life unobstructed, unconfused.
It started with eating clean,
If you give a mouse a cookie.....

Once you're eating clean, you have so much more energy and inspiration to work out.
Once you clear the energy in your body you become more open-minded and clear, and staying in the same path is sometimes intolerable. So you have to change course. With your career. With the way you view relationships. 
With your lifestyle and spirituality....with the way you life your entire life.
Possibilities open up. 

As a certified holistic health coach with over 6 years working in the fitness industry to help thousands of men and women stay inspired to get and stay in shape,

I can provide you with the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.
I will help you learn which methodologies of fitness are best for you as well as what diet plan is most suitable as we work together to implement changes one at a time.

Most importantly, this WHOLE-istic process will help you see the
interconnection in how you feel and what you eat.

The process: 
  1. We'll start with a clear and complete foundation on what, when, why and how to eat. The focus is on simplicity and ease, and staying very positive.
  2. Once you have jump started your physical fitness just by putting the right things in your body, you will have more energy for the next portion: working out, where we will cover basics and safety, and 7 different modalities of fitness you should incorporate or at least know about.  
  3. Now you are energized and feeling like you can take over the world, let's work on bringing out your full potential, your personal power.
  4. After you have this strong foundation and can't be shaken we can begin to integrate your foundation into your personal and spiritual life. 
  5. We will finish with mindfulness, self-expression and purpose.
  6. It comes full circle with another exploration of food and fitness in your new outlook. 

This process helps you to maintain your results because the rest of life can no longer throw you out of balance - usually diet and fitness; taking care of fitness and diet is often the first thing to go when life gets crazy, but you will need to reformulate your life to see diet and fitness as the movers and drivers forward down your rightful path. 

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