Costa Rica Creative Retreat March 25-31st




Costa Rica Creatives Retreat March 25-31st

This is the week you will finally start OR finish that project you've been putting off. The book you wanted to write, program you want to design, video content you need to film, music you want to write, website or business you want to design. The creative work you can't hire someone else to do for you. The behind the scenes effort that needs to be put in place to launch your career to the next level. Get out of your daily grind and the distractions of the beautiful life you've created and level-up your business or self-employment income. CREATE. For one week we will immerse ourselves in the jungle and use the flow of energy from connection to nature, movement practice every morning, and group momentum to really hone in and focus on your next level. 

This is for the self-employed person who knows they have more to bring to the table, but don't have an office they go to where there boss holds them accountable to get it done. We will hold each other accountable and life the energetic vibration so high your flowiest and most empowered work will come to surface. 

There will be a few group activities we can all agree on, such as surfing, whale watching and a group outing. The daily morning ritual will include a yoga-based movement practice by the beach, and a different theme of meditation every day, centered around bringing energy, focus or creativity to your project. Movement and meditation is followed by a delicious, healthy and local breakfast. We will have 4 work hours and then a lunch where we can discuss what we are working on and help each other grow our creative pursuits, and a little time for leisure activities before we get back on the grind to our own projects. Night will wrap up with dinner and an optional ceremonial bonfire where we invite more flow into our projects for tomorrow. 

Leisure activities include: kayaking, jungle exploring, swimming with turtles, botanical gardens or wildlife sanctuary, whale watching. 

We will agree upon one group outing which can include ziplining, surfing, and exploring the surrounding areas. 

Fee includes room & board, 3 meals a day, all activities and classes. 

$1,150 before Feb 15th
$1,350 after Feb 15th