Ever wanted to be a digital nomad, write a book, design an online program, create your masterpiece or embark in another mission/project that is close to your heart? But wonder if you have the focus and structure required to jump in and follow your creative dreams wholeheartedly? As a solo-preneur for the last 10 years I know how at times it can seem so difficult to create space for the projects that are closest to your heart. That is why my intention for my next retreat is to create a container to allow flow, creativity and fulfillment as we co-create a sacred space to manifest our biggest dreams into reality.

It has been said that "lack of fulfillment is the disease of our time" -- and I believe humanity is at a time where we need to tap into our limitless creative potential and create solutions to live in harmony with nature and each other. I believe one by one each person harnessing their creative potential and living in alignment with what they came here to do will help us co-create a new, harmonious, vibrant and magical world.

The retreat includes daily curated content which is yours to keep, daily business sessions to energize and launch your project, and regimens that keep you healthy, thriving and on top of the world. It also incudes some more exploratory creative workshops to help expand and discover more of your creative potential. The retreat is Jan 27 - Feb 2nd, but the work starts on January 1st with a powerful online mastermind group for the month leading you into the final retreat. After the retreat, you'll have access to my fitness, nutrition, and mastermind programs for a full year!

Space is limited to 19 participants, so please fill this application out completely if you are interested in learning more about this retreat and all the content that is included. The application itself can serve as an exercise in getting into alignment with your goals: the process starts the moment you start contemplating the questions!

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Escape themes include: 
Creativity/Fulfilling Your Purpose/Embracing your SuperPowers
Holistic Health Detox & Reset
Sustainable Living & Volunteer Work