Learn to make a Fabulous Stirfy in 30 Seconds

Cooking should be fun and free so if you're looking for a basic starter guide to cooking, follow these general directions and this will give you a formula to follow, then you can make your own variations with different veggies, sauces and proteins. 


1. Sautee half an Onion and an inch long piece of fresh ginger in 1 tbsp coconut oil 

2. Add chopped veggies of your choice (here I have 1 green and 1 orange pepper, 3 small zucchini and 3 small squash chopped into whatever shape you like, chopped portobello mushroom, 2 cups of spinach)

3. Add sauce of your choice (Peanut sauce, pad Thai sauce, soyaki, curry, whatever sounds good! Trader Joes has amazing options but also explore the world foods section of any grocery store or, even more ideally make it yourself. Here is a great recipe for a super clean eating "peanut" sauce: http://detoxinista.com/2014/08/creamy-thai-peanut-dressing-dairy-free-nut-free/)

Add sauce to taste.  

4. Cook tempeh in coconut oil and sauce of your choice (it will absorb the flavors even if you do not marinate it!) Keep this separate and you can also cook other proteins to add to the veggies separately if everyone has different eating habits. 

5. Add Shirataki spaghetti (pasta zero) if desired. This makes it seems like you are eating more and adds that carb experience to the meal without hardly any extra calories (15 per cup). You could also use quinoa or brown rice. 

6. Add Braggs amino acids for a gluten free and healthy option (or soy sauce) to both pans (to taste). 

7. Add greens (here I placed bok choy and more spinach) cook 5-10 more min on LOW

8. Mix together, and sprinkle a handful of nuts of your choice (here I use peanuts but slivered almonds are really good too) or avocado for added protein and healthy fat and enjoy!!! 

Storage tip, squeeze half a lime or lemon over leftovers to make them stay fresh longer.