May 2017 Reading List

Books that are rocking my world right now: 

Tools Of Titans by Tim Ferriss
The Sophia Code Kaia Ra
Unshakeable by Tony Robbins
Creating On Purpose by Anondea Judith
The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer

In all different ways. I love somewhat interactive books that make you apply direct action. Otherwise they can be a distraction taking you from creating into just consuming info - in a world of info over when. It's very important to apply what you learn and create your own understanding and offerings. Use reading to curate yourself. Also since there is so much content to quote for my programs, I've had to create a better organizational system than just writing all over the pages! 

It is insanely handy to have searchable notebooks in Evernote for every topic imaginable to have on hand when coaching a client. At first this is just information - I need to refer back to how someone else explained it, then after a few times applying it to real life situations that info becomes integrated knowledge and eventually applied wisdom!

Creating Consciously sounds simple but it's blowing my mind how much I have already used out of that book. I don't even remember buying it but I knew I needed to have it. Sometimes I think I get the best "clues" and signs from books. And choosing books is a sort of random yet divine process in that the ones I bought on a whim are the most important and life changing. Or sometimes they will sit and have no application to my life for years before they are all the sudden necessary. Sometimes I can just see the title of something and know I need to read it. Receiving it as a gift or discovering it from someone who was meant to cross my path are clear signals too.

And most of my books that I have selected through intuitive process or have been shown to me, I can pick them up and read the paragraph I need to see at that moment. It's like a way of conversing with God. Reading has become such a divine process.

Book reviews and take-aways coming soon <3